“The distillers at Old Midleton took every care to ensure the richness of the earth contributed its essential flavour to the grain and, through distillation, to the whiskey itself.”

The Silent Distillery

A ‘silent’ distillery is one which has closed its doors and been lost to ages past. These distilleries are achieving almost mythical status.

When the Old Midleton Distillery turned its key for the last time in 1975, it became an iconic part of Irish distilling legend. Midleton Silent Distillery Collection is the oldest ever whiskey collection from this legendary silent distillery, and represent the final drops from this inimitable place.

The Good Earth

Chapter 4 : A Thing of Rare Beauty

House of Waterford Glass Decanter
Craftsmanship in each cabinet
48 Years in bourbon casks

A Liquid Reborn

Times change and we change with them. The Old Midleton Distillery fell silent many years ago. But the old buildings remain, original pot stills stand tall and ages oak casks stand sentinel recalling out remarkable history.

And in a quiet corner, undisturbed but not forgotten, lay a whiskey waiting for its moment. That moment is now.

emerging from the silence and created from the coming together of distillations that have matured to perfection over 48 years in bourbon casks, Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Chapter 4 delivers something old and something new; a contemporary expression of a time-honoured Irish whiskey, as unique as it is special.

A Burning Passion

As unique and as special as the whiskey itself is the glass decanter to hold the prized liquid. Designed especially to celebrate this rare release, each one is mouth blown – a skill that dates back more than 2000 years.

Once carefully shaped, the flowing lines of the design are refines by the specialist craftsmen and women of Ireland’s world famous House of Waterford. Finishing, etching and polishing by hand, their individual attention to detail means each decanter is subtly different but still exudes the artistry and brilliance that are synonymous with the Waterford name.

A Thing of Rare Beauty

Master craftsman John Galvin is inspired by the amazing things he sees in the earth. His ideas are forged through a connection with nature; a connection he has channeled to help him create the bespoke cabinets for the fourth release in the Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery collection.

Fusing fine craftsmanship and precision engineering, each cabinet is lovingly handmade by Galvin and his team from Lacewood. With its iconic flecking of red and brown, the Lacewood’s striking appearance conjures up images of barley fields and so recalls the natural bounty that is at the heart of our whiskey. To finish,, the cabinets are dressed in premium Shagreen Leather and enhanced by detailing in Sterling Silver and Oak reclaimed from Irish whiskey vats.

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